Benchtop Spectrophotometers

HunterLab bench-top color measurement systems offer the ultimate in sample measurement precision and versatility. Whether your product is large or small, liquid or solid, powder or flake, smooth or textured, one of our bench-top systems will provide the best solution to your sample measurement needs. Both spectrophotometer and colorimeter systems are available. The spectrophotometers offer greater flexibility when measuring a sample's color or color difference as it would appear under different lighting conditions. In addition to routine quality control, these instruments are also well suited for research and process control applications.

Benchtop Spectrophotometers

ColorFlex EZ

ColorFlex EZ - 45/0 Large View Benchtop Spectrophotometer

Quality control to its highest level with 45°/0° design for the ultimate in color measurement preciseness.

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ColorFlex EZ Citrus

ColorFlex EZ Citrus - Citrus Color Spectrophotometer

Measures Citrus Number, Citrus Redness and Citrus Yellowness for a number of juices.

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ColorFlex EZ Coffee

ColorFlex EZ Coffee Spectrophotometer - Coffee Color Measurement

Specifically built to meet and exceed your needs in measuring the color of roasted coffee grounds.

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ColorFlex EZ Tomato

ColorFlex EZ Tomato - Tomato Color Spectrophotometer

Specifically designed to measure tomato color in its every processed form.

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ColorQuest XE

ColorQuest XE - Dual Beam Spectrophotometer

ColorQuest XE is a color measurement spectrophotometer at an economical price.

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ColorQuest XT

ColorQuest XT - Transparent Liquid Color Measurement

Designed to measure the transmitted color of transparent liquids, such as resins, solvents and more

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D25 NC

D25 NC Spectrophotometer - Large Sample Compartment Spectrophotometer

The D25 NC is unsurpassed in its ability to accurately measure large, irregular shaped samples of any type.

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LabScan XE

LabScan XE - 0°/45° Benchtop Spectrophotometer

Measures color the way that you see color, including the effect of gloss or texture.

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UltraScan PRO

UltraScan PRO - Research Spectrophotometer - Color Quality Spectrophotometer

Your reference instrument for measuring both reflected and transmitted color.

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UltraScan VIS

UltraScan VIS - VIS Spectrophotometer

High-performance color measurement spectrophotometer that measures the full range of human color perception.

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