Agera Spectrophotometer

Color & Gloss Measurement Device

From the world’s leading manufacturer of color and appearance measurement technology, Agera delivers the full picture on your sample’s appearance quality.

Agera delivers simultaneous measurements of reflected color, gloss, and image capture in one simple measurement. Agera’s dual-beam, 0º/45cº circumferential geometry combined with a balanced full spectrum, UV controlled LED illumination provides superior color accuracy and repeatability on standard and fluorescent samples. The built-in gloss meter provides highly accurate 60-degree gloss results in conformance with international standards. The 5-megapixel camera ensures proper sample positioning while capturing and storing the image as part of the data record. Agera completes the picture with a modern user interface, robust embedded quality control software, and state of the art data management options to providing exceptional flexibility, ease-of-use and unprecedented value.

Agera – the ultimate solution for appearance quality control

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  • 0º/45cº Circumferential Geometry

    • The only optical geometry that replicates how the human eye sees color
    • The only dual-beam benchtop spectrophotometer that provides this geometry with circumferential viewing to eliminate sample directionality and deliver superior accuracy and consistency

    Full Spectrum, Balanced LED Illumination with UV Control

    • 360-700nm illumination
    • Measure and quantify fluorescent and optically brightened samples
    • Factory calibrated UV with user option to calibrate to their specific fluorescent standard
    • Simultaneous UV-included and UV-excluded comparative data viewing and reporting

    The Largest Fixed-Point Area of View

    • Includes Extra-Large, Large and Medium sample port plates
    • Extra-Large port plate is the largest fixed-point contact area of measurement in the industry

    60-degree built-in gloss meter

    • Provides both color and 60-degree gloss results in a single measurement
    • Factory calibrated UV with user option to calibrate to their specific fluorescent standard
    • International gloss conformance including ASTM D523 and ISO2813 with Certificates of Traceability

    Sample Viewing and Image Capture

    • Includes built-in 5-megapixel camera with 45-degree, full spectrum, balanced illumination
    • Use the live on-screen image for precise sample placement
    • Capture and store a true 0-degree field of view sample image as part of the data record
    • Recalled images display an RGB histogram for image analysis

    Smart User Interface and Data Management - No PC Required

    • View measurement results and color graphics on the 7-inch 1280x800 capacitive industrial touchscreen
    • Easily communicate data where it needs to go via USB, USB on-the-go, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and built in email
    • Easily navigate the embedded EasyMatch Essentials Quality Control Software which includes most major scales and indices used in industry
    • Configure your specific workflow to streamline software navigation for your application
    • Electronic Records option available (for FDA CFR21, Part 11 compliance)

    Superior Engineering

    • Close Tolerance Spectrophotometer out of the box – no need for additional profiling software
    • Protected optics protect your investment – designed to withstand the rigors of harsh environments

    HunterLab Remote Access Support Enabled

    • HunterLab Remote Access Support is a unique network enabled support tool that enables the HunterLab support team to directly interface with your instrument to perform diagnostics, update instrument software and provide live operator training.
  • Standards


    Calibrated white tile (NIST Certificate of Traceability)

    Replacement kit includes instrument standard, reflectance file and procedure to replace instrument standard.


    Green diagnostic tile


    Calibrated black glass used for both color and gloss standardization (ASTM D523, ISO 2813 Certificates of Traceability)

    Replacement kit includes instrument standard, reflectance file and procedure to replace instrument standard.

    Port Plates

    XL - 51 mm (2 in)

    L - 25.4 mm (1 in)

    M - 16.9 mm (5/8 in)

    Sample Clamp


    Sample Clamp - Agera

    Gloss Diagnostics Tile



    Glass Sample Cup


    2.5 inch (64mm)



    Calibrated White UV Fluorescent Standard


    A white, plastic UV Calibration Standard (100 mm x 100 mm; 4 in x 4 in encased) with an assigned Ganz Whiteness value, traceable to the Hohenstein Laboratories, Bönnigheim, Germany. If a User is measuring UV optically brightened materials, they are advised to purchase this optional UV Fluorescent Calibration Standard option to perform UV Calibration of the light source at the sample plane in order to maintain consistent UV illumination relative to CIE D65 Daylight over time. Includes Certificate of Calibration.

    Ring and Disk Set


    For use in the glass sample cup (purchased separately). Used for transparent and translucent liquids or semi-solids where the sample path length must be fixed. The minimum sample volume required for the ring and disk in the sample cup is 25ml.

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