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Cement and Concrete Color Measurement

In this architectural age of dynamic shapes and forms dramatically expressing a designer's imagination and innovation, concrete and cement can be seen in almost every form, texture and color. Comprising materials such as crystalline quartz, as well as vitreous and ceramic decorative aggregates, controlling the appearance of these materials is essential to satisfy the esthetic and functional requirements for a strong and appealing structure.

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    HunterLab offers a selection of instruments to help you manage your concrete and cement color measurement and quality control requirements.


    70% of our customers choose a directional 45°/0° geometry instrument as a QC tool for its ability to measure color the way the human eye sees color, capturing both the effect of color and the effect of gloss and texture. This is the geometry that is recommended by HunterLab for color measurement of opaque finished materials that will be viewed by the customer.


    30% of our customers choose diffuse d/8° Sphere geometry for measuring color for its tendency to negate surface appearance attributes of gloss and texture and look at color only.

  • Many of HunterLab's spectrophotometers are versatile enough to accommodate most applications of color measurement. However, based on 60+ years of experience and a thorough understanding of our customers' needs and product use, these particular instruments are most suited for this industries application.

    If you are unsure which instrument type is right for your samples, please call or email HunterLab technical support and we will be happy to assist you in making the proper instrument selection.