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Spectrophotometer & Color Measurement Products


What is a Color Spectrophotometer?

A color spectrophotometer is an instrument designed for physical sample analysis via full spectrum color measurement. By providing wavelength-by-wavelength spectral analysis of a sample’s reflectance, absorbance, or transmittance properties, it produces precise data beyond that observable by the human eye. If desired, spectrophotometers can be used to calculate psychophysical colorimetric information as well.

Using Color Spectrophotometers

Color spectrophotometers offer a higher level of flexibility and versatility than colorimeters due in part to the fact that they offer multiple illuminant/observer combinations and can operate in multiple geometric arrangements, including 45°/0° and d/8°. As such, spectrophotometers are capable of measuring metamerism, identifying colorant strength, analyzing a comprehensive range of sample types, and giving users a choice between including or excluding specular reflectance to account for geometric attributes. Full-spectrum analysis also provides for greater specificity, potentially identifying color differences missed by colorimeters. Spectrophotometric equipment are ideally suited for a broad range of applications in the research and development phase, including color formulation and color system development, as well as color quality control throughout production.

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Benchtop Spectrophotometers

Benchtop Color Spectrophotometers & Colorimeters

Our benchtop color measurement systems offer the ultimate in sample measurement precision.

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Portable Spectrophotometers

Portable & Handheld VIS Spectrophotometers

Measure samples on plant production floors, in storage areas, shipping departments and more.

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In-Process Spectrophotometers

In-Process Spectrophotometer

Non-contact in-process systems provide continuous, real-time measurement of your product on a process line.

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Color Measurement Software

Color Analysis & Measurement Software

Unprecedented flexibility to process, display, analyze and report color measurement results.

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Validation and Compliance Solutions

Validation and Compliance Solutions

Digital Qualification Notebook Generator

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Out of Production Products

Out of Production Spectrophotometers & Replacements

Find recommended suitable replacements for our out of production instruments.

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Product Comparison Table

Product Comparison Table

Table showing the comparison of various products.

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HunterLab Color Measurement

HunterLab's spectrophotometer systems are industry-leading color measurement systems. Used by top manufacturers across industry, our spectrophotometers set the standard for accuracy, reliability and ease of use. Coupled with HunterLab's state-of-the art color measurement software, our color measurement systems offer unprecedented flexibility to process, monitor, analyze, and report results. Our spectrophotometers are available in portablebenchtop and production line models designed to meet your processing, testing and quality control requirements.

With 60 years of experience, our sales and support staff will ensure that you have the right instrument for your application, whether you need to quickly measure samples on the production floor or shipping areas, conduct formal testing in your quality control lab or perform continuous testing during production.