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Custom IQOQPQ Qualification Notebook

Preparation of custom IQOQPQ Installation/Operational/Performance Qualification Protocol enables users to perform their own instrument qualification and documentation. Package Includes a cover sheet referencing the instrument and software type, company name and address, Qualification overview, System overview, and relevant approval signatures for the protocols. All procedures are given step-by-step. Protocol packages normally run 20-30 pages.

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IQOQPQ Qualification Notebook Customized for your application

Notebook includes step by step IQ, OQ and PQ Protocol instructions:

  • Installation Qualification Protocol
    • Documents that the required installation steps are completed, and data recorded.
  • Operational Qualification
    • Documents that the components of the equipment/system perform to factory specification.
  • Performance Qualification
    • Documents that the components and equipment/system perform in accordance with SOPs and manufacturer’s recommendations, and confirms that the equipment/system can meet its intended purpose

HunterLab onsite instrument qualification is also available.