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Opaque Beverage Color Measurement

Liquid refreshments, or 'beverages', consist of a broad group of consumable liquids - ranging from carbonated soft drinks, fruit / vegetable juices, and milk to coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, as well as, spirits. Beverages form a key part of the culture of human society, and major brand owners know the importance that color appeal and color consistency play in a consumer's decision to purchase. That's why many of the world's leaders in beverage production, like Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Unilever and Lipton, to name a few, rely on HunterLab's 60+ years of experience and knowledge in providing color measurement solutions to the beverage market.

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    Beverages with high solids content are typically opaque or nearly opaque due to solid materials suspended within the beverage. Examples include tomato juice, orange juice, milk, smoothies, soy milk, and protein drinks. These beverages are best measured using a reflectance instrument.