There is never a good time for instrument downtime and lost productivity. We totally get that so we came up with a way to fix glitches fast. Remote Access Support is our real-time, secure solution for maximizing your instrument’s performance and minimizing your technical team’s learning curve.

Whether you have an immediate technical concern, need help understanding all of your instrument’s features, or just want to check that everything’s working the way it’s supposed to, HunterLab’s Remote Access Support is the answer.

Using a secure remote connection to your HunterLab instrument, our support specialists can communicate directly with you and your instrument. Advanced, built-in features make it happen. With integrated chat and file transfer features, our experts can help you with simple how-to’s as well as solving more complex tasks like software/firmware updates and instrument performance validation.

HunterLab’s Remote Access Support has embedded encryption and multi-factor authentication so you can get support without compromising your security, workflow or compliance. Instead of sending your instrument out for service, you get easy software updates and firmware issues solved on the spot. And free support for the first year helps reduce your maintenance costs.

So, how does it work? For all Essentials software embedded instruments, it’s easy as one, two, three. You send a support request, we ask for permission to connect to your instrument, and we work directly with you and your instrument to resolve the problem. In many cases, you’re back up and running again in no time.

Don’t let technical difficulties keep you down.

Register your Vista or Aeros for HunterLab’s Remote Access Support today for a complimentary, one-year subscription.