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Transparent Beverage Color Measurement

Liquid refreshments, or 'beverages', consist of a broad group of consumable liquids - ranging from carbonated soft drinks, fruit / vegetable juices, and milk to coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, as well as, spirits. Beverages form a key part of the culture of human society, and major brand owners know the importance that color appeal and color consistency play in a consumer's decision to purchase. That's why many of the world's leaders in beverage production, like Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Unilever and Lipton, to name a few, rely on HunterLab's 60+ years of experience and knowledge in providing color measurement solutions to the beverage market.

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    Transparent beverages include water, apple juice, lemonade, soft drinks, coffee and tea, alcoholic beverages and energy drinks. These beverages are best measured using a transmittance instrument.