UltraScan PRO Spectrophotometer

The UltraScan PRO is designed to be your reference instrument for measuring both reflected and transmitted color. It meets CIE, ASTM and USP guidelines for accurate color measurement. The instrument's 5 nm optical resolution enables it to precisely measure colors using colorants with sharp cutoff characteristics.

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  • The Professional Color Measurement Spectrophotometer


    The D65 illumination source is calibrated in the ultraviolet region for the accurate measurement of whitening agents. UltraScan PRO has an extended wavelength range into the near infrared and near ultraviolet that permits the measurement of camouflage materials and UV blockers. The system uses diffuse/8° geometry with automated specular component inclusion/exclusion. It also features three sizes of sample measurement areas with automated lens change. The UltraScan PRO includes EasyMatch QC software and an electronic record keeping version that is 21 CFR 11 compliant is available.


    Use UltraScan PRO for both research and quality control. From opaque solids to clear liquids to transparent films, UltraScan PRO precisely measures both reflected and transmitted color, spectral reflectance, spectral transmittance and transmission haze. A host of measurement features and specialized sample-handling devices make UltraScan PRO the most versatile high-performance color measurement spectrophotometer available.

    • Measures reflectance, transmittance and haze
    • Wavelength range 350 nm - 1050 nm
    • 5 nm optical resolution and reporting interval
    • Three reflectance measurement areas
    • Exceptional inter-instrument agreement
    • Automated UV calibration and control
    • Large transmission compartment open on three sides
    • Includes EasyMatch QC software
  • Adjustable Reflectance Preform Holder


    Measures preforms with shaft diameter from 15 mm to 40 mm. The length of the straight shaft above the preform threads should be at least 50mm in order to completely cover the port.

    02-7396-00: Skein Holder

    04-7209-00: Glass Sample Cup, 2.5 inch (64 mm)

    D02-1010-327: Footswitch Assembly

    B04-1003-801: Transmission Cell, 33 mm

    C02-1005-481: Transmission Cell Holder

    A02-1011-184: Port Plate, 4 mm Round

    D02-1011-550: Transmission Holder for 27-30 mm Round Tubes

    Adjustable Transmission Preform Holder


    Measures preforms with shaft diameter from 10mm to 40mm. The length of the straight shaft above the preform threads should be at least 50mm in order to completely cover the port.



    Consists of port plate holder for 2.5 inch sample cup.




    1 inch (25mm) with Glass

    Compression Clamp


    Used for compressing fibers into a compact mass to permit repeatable color analysis. Available and sold separately are:
    A02-1011-124 PORT PLATE WITH GLASS
    04-7209-00 GLASS SAMPLE CUP

    Reflectance Sample Shelf with Light Cover


    For the reflectance measurement of powders, granules and semi-solids held in a rectangular cell (below). Cells purchased separately.

    Cells (Rectangular)

    Optically clear glass cell with depth of 10mm, 20mm or 50mm; 55mm width x 57mm height. (Listed on front page)

    Semi-Micro Powder Holder


    Permits the reflected color measurement of as little as 0.4cc of packed powder. Powder is placed in the powder holder and is backed with the white plunger.

    Round, Capped Cell


    A round, screw capped, optically clear transmission cell with10mm path length and 4.0ml volume. Cell includes both a solid propylene cap and inject-a-cell cap. For use with above Holder for Round Capped Cell.

    Flow Through Cell Holder

    Provides a cell holder that is mounted in the transmission compartment for supporting a flow cell. Cell purchased separately.

    Flow Through Cell

    A 51 mm (2 inch) diameter optically clear flow through glass cell with a path length of 10 mm, 20 mm or 50 mm.

    C04-1001-958 (10mm)

    C04-1001-959 (20mm)

    C04-1001-960 (50mm)

    Transmission Cell (Rectangular)

    13-8573-40 (10 mm)

    04-4592-00 (20 mm)

    13-8573-20 (50 mm)

    Provides consistent placement of 10 mm, 20 mm, 33 mm or 50 mm path length transmission cells - purchased separately.


    Transmission Holder for 10-mm Plastic Cell


    Provides consistent placement of a disposable, 10-mm path length (32.5mm wide), plastic transmission cell on the Transmission Cell Holder (included). Disposable cells can be ordered from Lumelite Plastics at www.lumelite.com as part # 24022642. 

    Transmission Spill Tray and Cell Holder


    Permits transmittance measurement of liquids using rectangular transmission cell (below). Cells purchased separately.

    Cell Holder Base Assembly


    This Cell Holder Base Assembly with one or more clip-on holders (ordered separately) centers macro, semi-micro and ultra-micro, as well as other precision analytical cell holders in the transmission compartment of HunterLab sphere instruments.  This assembly ensures repeatable transmission color measurements of very small volumes of clear liquids.  Select one or more of the available precision cell holders by matching cell holder specifications with the desired glass or plastic analytical cells.  Analytical cells are purchased separately by the customer.


    Transmission Clamp


    Holds transparent film, glass or plastic in position for total or regular transmission measurement.



    Opaque, translucent, and transparent liquids.

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    Architectural glass color is extremely important.

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    Capsules and Pills

    Tablets, capsules and caplets.

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    Pressed Powder Plaques

    Eventually made into capsules, caplets, creams, and more.

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    Fruits processed into fruit juice.

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    Diverse in size, shape and color.

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    Range from opaque to translucent or transparent.

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    Ophthalmic Lenses

    Color testing for lot-to-lot tint characteristics.

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    Consistent quality from sheet to sheet.

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