The color of snack crackers is important because it indicates freshness and taste. HunterLab's spectrophotometers are color measurement instruments proven to consistently and accurately measure color on challenging textures. The following are a few reasons snack cracker manufacturers should use a spectrophotometer to measure the color of snack crackers:

1. Record Dozens of Measurements in Less Time

Spectrophotometers can obtain and display dozens of results in a matter of seconds, allowing operators to see color measurement results right away. For example, the HunterLab Aeros spectrophotometer measures and averages 35 measurements in five seconds.

2. Measure More Sample Area Faster and with More Accuracy

HunterLab spectrophotometer models have a dynamic rotating sample platform. That measures up to 27.5 square inches, spectrophotometers provide the world’s largest measurement area compared to other color measurement instruments.

3. Reduce or Eliminate Sample Cleanup Time

Spectrophotometers like Aeros, take noncontact measurements, meaning they can measure crackers' color without touching them. Noncontact measuring simplifies sample presentation, eliminates the risk of contamination, and reduces sample cleanup efforts.

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4. Simplify Operator Involvement with Automatic Height Positioning

The HunterLab Aeros spectrophotometer for snack crackers is the only solution on the market with Smart Sensor Technology. This technology features Automatic Height Positioning, which determines the distance between the sensor and sample and adjusts itself automatically. The height positioning can find the ideal location for optimal measuring with minimal operator involvement.

5. View and Communicate Data and Results

Smart user interface and data management allow operators to see measurement results and share the data via Ethernet, and other integrations.

6. Streamline Production to Meet Workflow Needs

HunterLab spectrophotometers have embedded EasyMatch® Essentials software. This software features applications that allow operators to create their own workspaces. It is also preloaded with standard reflectance scales and indices. As a result, operators can meet their workflow needs and streamline production.

7. Set up and Operate Out of the Box

HunterLab spectrophotometers, such as Aeros have everything needed to record color measurements out of the box, including sample trays, a USB flash drive, and a Quick Start Guide.

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Use a Color Spectrophotometer From HunterLab to Measure the Color of Snack Crackers

HunterLab has been a leader in color spectrophotometers since 1956. Snack manufacturers worldwide choose our color measurement instruments for their snack crackers to maintain quality control.

Contact us today for more information about our spectrophotometers for crackers or view the specs for the Aeros spectrophotometer, our recommended solution for this application.