Tomato sauce is a thin tomato product with garlic, onion, herbs, and spices used as a base for sauces and dishes. Food manufacturers must create quality tomato sauce to establish a good reputation, gain loyal customers and increase sales. Color consistency encourages consumers to choose your tomato sauce every time they make their favorite recipe.

Measuring tomato sauce color increases consumer adoption in these ways:

1. Ensures Consistency

Consistency in your tomato sauce color — and its overall quality — creates a sense of safety for your customers. Consumers are familiar with a product's desired color and expect your tomato sauce to match that image. If it does, they can use it confidently, knowing your product contains fresh, high-quality ingredients. 

2. Builds Brand Trust

The correct tomato sauce color fosters trust in your brand, leading to more future purchases. Consumers will expect the best quality products from your brand every time they purchase. When your tomato sauce is a consistent color, your customers will believe your company excels in other areas too. Their trust in your brand can lead to more sales for your company.

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3. Supports Marketing Message

Your marketing campaign for your tomato sauce may use words like “freshness” or “organic” to describe its characteristics. Customers expect the product to fulfill this message. Color is a quality they can easily see in the store and when they use the product. The appearance of your tomato sauce must meet their expectations.

4. Earns Valuable Feedback

When your customers are happy with the little things about your tomato sauce — like its consistent and appealing color — their trust in your brand will grow. Simple mistakes like color inconsistencies between batches may turn your customers away from your brand.

5. Creates Positive Expectation

Customers who have a good experience using your tomato sauce in their recipes believe you'll deliver every time. Their belief in your brand may lead them to buy more of the products you produce.

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HunterLab spectrophotometers will increase consumer adoption of your tomato sauce product. We have several solutions for measuring the color of tomato sauce with accuracy and precision. We designed the ColorFlex EZ Tomato spectrophotometer to evaluate the color of tomato products, and our Agera spectrophotometer can measure color and gloss in one measurement.

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