Spectrophotometer Setup for Liquids

Color is an essential factor for purchasing decisions and taste perception, so the color of liquids like orange juice, sports drinks, apple cider and beer will significantly affect your customers’ opinion of your product and whether they would repurchase it.

Color can be a difficult variable to control during production — natural ingredient colors can vary, causing slightly differing colors. Measuring the color of your liquid with a spectrophotometer liquid setup will allow you to get accurate and reliable results to boost your quality control.

What Is Liquid Color Measurement?

Liquid color measurement is the evaluation of the color properties of a liquid. Depending on the liquid, it will require different techniques to most accurately measure the color. Here is how to measure the color of a liquid depending on its quality:

  • Opaque: Opaque liquids allow no light to pass through them. Directional 45/0° reflectance geometry is the best method for opaque liquids since it is similar to how the human eye interprets color.
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  • Translucent: Translucent liquids allow diffused light to pass through. Use the transmittance measurement method if you can see slight details through the liquid at viewing distance. Use the reflectance measurement method if you cannot see slight details at viewing distance.
  • Transparent: Transparent liquids allow light to pass through uninterrupted. The best geometry for transparent liquids is transmission instrumentation.

Liquid Spectrophotometers Setup for Measuring Liquids

You need a spectrophotometer to measure the color of a liquid. The spectrophotometer measures the spectral reference curve, which is unique to every color.

Choosing the right liquid spectrophotometer depends on the property of the liquid since opaque, translucent and transparent liquids each require different methods for color measurement. For opaque liquids, a light is shone onto the sample, and the spectrophotometer records the measurement and type of light that the sample reflects. For transparent liquids, a light is shone through the sample, and the spectrophotometer records the amount and type of light that passes through.

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The recommended spectrophotometer for most liquids is the benchtop sphere. This spectrophotometer has reflectance geometry for opaque liquids and transmission mode for transparent liquids.

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