What Are TAPPI Color Standards?

Paper and paperboard products must comply with stringent industry standards. TAPPI is an organization that provides a forum for paper industry professionals such as engineers, scientists, managers and academics to access and share knowledge and suggest process improvements regarding paper and pulp applications.

What Is TAPPI?

The Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1915 and consists of approximately 14,000 members. TAPPI’s mission is to develop and implement standards and publish technical papers to describe, measure and evaluate paper and pulp products.

The information furnished by TAPPI can guide users in their quest to improve their technical operations and increase efficiency. It can also help them implement innovative procedures that significantly improve processes and enhance product durability and consistency.

Examples of the peer-reviewed journals prepared and published by TAPPI include the Journal of Pulp Paper and Science and the Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics.

What Are TAPPI Standards?

The TAPPI standards primarily consist of test methods developed by a technical working group. The testing methodologies encompass six categories:

  • Official method
  • Provisional method
  • Standard practice
  • Classical method
  • Withdrawn method
  • Useful method

The standards may also include technical information and definitions not directly related to the test methods. This supplemental data must comply with the TAPPI regulations.

The TAPPI Board of Directors appoints a Quality and Standards Management Committee responsible for implementing and monitoring the guidelines and regulations. This entity may also recommend revisions to the Board to ensure continuity and facilitate process improvement.

Measuring the Color of Paper With TAPPI Standards

TAPPI has implemented the following test methods for pulp and paper color standards:

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