Accurately measuring the color of citrus juice is a balancing act. You must meet the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) standards and produce appealing citrus juices that catch your customers' eyes. For the most accurate results, measure opaque liquids with reflectance spectrophotometers and translucent beverages with reflectance or transmission spectrophotometers.

Ensure the Color of Your Citrus Beverages Appeals to Consumers

Consumers measure the quality of your citrus juice by its color, and with good reason. Natural compounds in citrus fruits give them their unique colors. The carotenoids in orange juice give it its zesty, orange color, while lycopene adds a pink, reddish hue to grapefruit juice. The more of these compounds are in your juice, the brighter in color the product will be, which heightens quality perception.

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Measure the Color of Citrus Juice With Industry Standards in Mind

The importance of color in citrus juices is so decisive that it's used to classify them based on commercial standards, among other factors. This quality cornerstone means dull, off-yellow orange juice won't meet citrus industry standards. The color of citrus beverages strongly indicates quality due to the natural components that give them their respective hues.

Always Test the Color of Your Juice Objectively

To maintain color consistency, measure your citrus juice objectively rather than subjectively. The human eye can assess color but is prone to errors and fatigue — using a spectrophotometer can ensure you get accurate, objective test results. Objectivity is also vital for health and safety reasons. The human eye cannot always pickup subtle differences in color due to foreign bodies or a chemical anomaly in the liquid.

Understand How Quality Measurements in Citrus Juice Relate to Color

Citrus juices, particularly orange juice, are measured against a color score or an orange juice index. Your juice has to fulfill a specific score for the FDA to approve it as a quality product fit for selling. An accurate spectrophotometer is critical in measuring the color of these juices to meet industry standards.

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