The color of a sports drink plays a significant role in getting a consumer's attention and, eventually, moving them to purchase that beverage. It is essential to monitor the color of your sports drinks to ensure they meet industry standards. However, managing the consistency of the beverage's color can be a challenge, especially if you're doing it without the right color testing tools. This post will highlight the importance of color in sports beverages and explore best practices for measuring this element.

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Why Does Color Matter in Sports Drinks?

The color of a sports drink is more important than most people think, so it is crucial to get the color correct before your beverages reach consumers. There are two main reasons to monitor the color of your sports drinks, namely:

  1. Influence your consumer's decision: One of the first things consumers look at is the color of a food or beverage. Color generally indicates flavor, and consumers rely on the sports drink's color to choose an option they think they'll enjoy. That's why it is vital to maintain the color consistency of your sports drinks and ensure the tint correctly represents the respective flavor.
  2. Meet industry standards: It's equally crucial that sports drink colors meet Food and Drug Administration (FDA) health and safety regulations. If a sports drink does not have the right color, it could mean it does not meet industry standards. You can maintain FDA compliance by carefully monitoring the sports drink's color.

How Do You Maintain the Color Consistency of Sports Drinks?

It's not enough to monitor a sports drink's color by sight alone. This method of quality control can be misleading. After all, color is highly subjective to the person looking at it and can be influenced by certain factors, such as color blindness, type of lighting, fatigue, and medical conditions.

Measuring the color of sports drinks requires a more scientific approach. Spectrophotometers successfully remove the element of human interpretation and environmental influences. These devices measure the way sports drinks transmit and reflect light by monitoring the wavelengths and recording the data. This method allows you to compare the data to industry standards for beverage colors and ensure consistent sports drink colors.

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