Color plays a significant role in communicating food quality. Consumers can easily identify an underbaked or overbaked cookie by its abnormal color and texture, knowing these elements will impact its taste. On the other hand, individuals will associate a perfectly caramelized cookie with a high-quality product that likely tastes great. 

How a cookie looks directly impacts consumer buying habits. You can use a color spectrophotometer to measure the color of your cookie samples to ensure they project a consistent and desirable appearance.

Challenges of Measuring Cookie Color

While measuring cookie color is vital for producing a high-quality product, this process can pose several challenges to manufacturers:

  • Irregular texture: Cookies have many inconsistent characteristics that make color analysis more difficult, such as their varying shapes, sizes, and highly textured surfaces. To the naked eye, it's nearly impossible to make an accurate color determination.
  • Time commitment: Large-scale cookie manufacturers must analyze thousands of cookies each year. Measuring the color of cookie samples one at a time can be extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive.
  • Equipment wear and tear: Normal wear and tear can impact your color measurement device's performance, leading to inaccurate measurements. 
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Benefits of Measuring Color With a Smart Spectrophotometer

Smart non-contact color spectrophotometers are your ideal color measurement solution for cookie samples. These sophisticated technologies have many capabilities that allow for fast and accurate results:

  • Sample positioning: Smart spectrophotometers accurately determine the distance between the sensor and cookie sample and adjust their height automatically for optimal measurement distances.
  • Large sample area: Smart spectrophotometers can measure large sample areas, taking 35 measurements in only five seconds so you can analyze more cookies per measurement.
  • Minimal maintenance: Non-contact spectrophotometers experience minimal wear and tear because their sensors never touch the sample, reducing cleanup time and instrument maintenance.
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