Cola is one of the most popular drinks in the world, yet few people know where its flavor comes from, save for some research. Cola's color is different from many other soda colors and may change when you add or remove some ingredients. To ensure consistency and quality in your cola batches, it's important to know these five things:

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1. Cola's Color and Flavor Are Unique

The color of cola is unique in that it's unlike orange, ginger, or fruit colors. It doesn't derive from a well-known fruit, so a layperson cannot easily identify the origin of the flavor. Getting the caramel color right during production takes some trial and error, and you may experiment with different outcomes.

2. The Color of Cola Can Vary Significantly

Cola's unique attribute is that it can have different colors when exposed to light or examined in a glass, which range anywhere from green or red to yellow-green. These variations make accurate color testing essential for maintaining consistency.

3. Cola Color Can Help Your Brand Stand Out

Like the well-known Coca-Cola brand, a cleverly composed cola color could help your brand stand out. This aspect is important because you can control the amount of colorant you add to your soft drink, allowing you to create a color unique to your enterprise.

4. Cola Gets Its Color From Caramel Coloring

The brown, golden syrup color of cola comes from caramel coloring. Because the coloring is an artificial additive, it is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for health and safety reasons. You should be familiar with the FDA regulations to know how much coloring you can add while staying compliant.

5. The Quality of Cola Is Measured by Its Color

Consumers have the last say here, as the color of cola should be appealing and evoke certain emotions. It's no secret that the Coca-Cola company set the standard in soft drinks and cola beverages. Being unique is good, but emulating the same memories and feelings that Coke inspires in customers can go a long way to drive your sales. A pale cola product may not have that same effect.

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