Some quality indicators of a good batch of tea include how many leaves you use and what type. Quality leaves will brew into an excellent batch of tea that accentuates the earthy color of the plant. When measuring the color of your tea batch, keep these aspects in mind:

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1. It's Important to Examine Tea Color to Meet Industry Standards

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has elaborate guidelines on how to use food dyes. Industry best practices call for balancing the right amount of food dyes while presenting attractive colors in your beverages. An accurate color-measuring system can help you get the optimal tea color and stay compliant.

2. You Can Determine the Quality of Tea by Its Color

When tea leaves are healthy, they yield rich brews that are distinct per tea type and origin. It's vital for every cup or batch of tea within the same tea family to have the same color. Tea color should be stable in every batch to meet your customers' desire for consistency.

3. Tea Colors Can Vary

Tea leaves brew into distinct colors that you can identify by type. Cloudy tea is not ideal — your tea should be clear with some particles at the bottom. Black tea is often dark red or copper, while white tea has a light, golden appearance, and green tea has lime undertones.

4. The Color of Tea Is Important to Consumers

Tea lovers in restaurants and tea shops are quick to examine the color of their tea. Consumers purchasing bottled iced tea in stores shop with their eyes, as they cannot taste-test the beverage. Color consistency is crucial at all times to satisfy consumer expectations.

5. You Can Measure Tea Color in a Stable and Non-Destructive Manner

You can get accurate results when you use a contactless way of measuring your tea color, such as a spectrophotometer. Testing the color of your teas can help you determine how to brew them and use the correct food dyes. Color testing is essential in meeting industry color standards while adhering to health and safety measures.

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