Baking powder adds important effects to baked goods, making them airy and light for an appealing and delicious finished product. Fresh baking powder made with quality ingredients creates fresher baked goods. Measuring the quality and color of your baking powder leads to more consistent baking outcomes for your end users.

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Variations in Baking Powder Color Quality

Baking powder is a mixture of bicarbonate of soda, cream of tartar, and cornstarch. Like any other food item, baking powder requires each ingredient to be high-quality to have the desired effect on all baked goods.

Fresh baking powder is a soft white and helps baked goods rise properly. As baking powder ages or if it is made with defective ingredients, it can generally turn yellowish-brown or darker. Using old or expired baking powder makes finished baked goods heavier and denser, which can be opposite of the desired effect for certain foods.

It's important to maintain quality standards when producing food items to assure consumers their baked goods will turn out as intended.

Choosing the Right Spectrophotometer for Baking Powder Color Measurement

The human eye measures color differently depending on individual perspectives, requiring specific equipment to produce accurate and reliable color measurements. A spectrophotometer measures color with quantifiable data, helping baking powder color stay consistent across batches.

HunterLab has a wide range of spectrophotometers to meet any need. Specifically, the ColorFlex EZ accurately measures powder substances like baking powder and can accommodate up to 2,000 sample measurements. Its innovative technology allows it to efficiently measure baking powder color with common food industry scales and indices within seconds.

You can rely on the ColorFlex EZ to get your baking powder color measurement perfect every time. This spectrophotometer has a 45/0 degree measurement geometry so you can accurately see what your customers see.

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We recognize that measuring the color of baking powder during each stage of production can take detailed work, but a spectrophotometer like the ColorFlex EZ allows you to speed up the color measurement process. We have seven decades of experience designing spectrophotometers with smart technology so that they easily adjust to various setups, product standards, and measurement types.

Produce quality baking powder at a faster rate without skipping a step. The team at HunterLab is here to help you find a suitable spectrophotometer for all your lab needs. Contact us today for a quote.