You don't have to be a chocolatier to know that chocolate bar colors come in all different shades — dark, milk, white, and more. However, as customers expect a certain hue when they order dark vs. milk chocolate, chocolate manufacturers should take the time to ensure the color is just right.

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Avoid Chocolate Bloom

Chocolate can vary in color without its quality or taste facing negative effects. However, avoid chocolate bloom — an unwanted white layer over the finished chocolate that impacts color, flavor, and texture. Chocolate bloom appears for several reasons — whether it is fat-based or sugar-based — including processing errors, temperature fluctuations, or recipe design.

Continuous color monitoring is essential to identifying and reversing chocolate bloom before it affects the final batch.

Consider the Gloss

Chocolate is one of the only foods — besides cheese — in which gloss and finish contribute to its final appearance. Think about the last time you went to a chocolatier. Which piece of chocolate stood out the most? Was it glossy or dull?

A dull chocolate finish may indicate problems with how it was cured, making it initially less appealing. Measure the color of your chocolate bars using a spectrophotometer for advanced color and finishing data.

Use Aeros for Precision

Chocolate bars, truffles, and other chocolate assortments vary in shape, size, and color. For this reason, the best way to perform chocolate bar color measurement is with the Aeros.

The Aeros is a specialty color measurement spectrophotometer that uses reflectance-only features for irregularly shaped or textured products. It has a large rotating platform to test samples from every angle. This machine will automatically adjust the height of the no-contact sensor for quick efficiency and reduced cleanup time.

To make the process even easier, follow along with our Aeros guide for measuring the color of chocolate bars.

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