The best way to measure beer color is by using a spectrophotometer. By doing this, you meet industry standards and produce beer with attractive colors that appeal to your customers. Consistency is also vital in creating quality beer. Measuring color with spectrophotometers can help ensure color consistency with every production cycle.

Measure Your Beer According to Industry Standards

The Standard Reference Method (SRM) is the most widely used method to measure the color of a beer in the United States, helping businesses meet industry color standards. The SRM measures color according to a scale ranging from pale to dark beer. It also tests how each grain added to your beer affects its color. You can test according to SRM by using a spectrophotometer.

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Test Beer Color Throughout the Production Process

Since production takes significant time and money, you should measure the color of your beer accurately during each stage of production. Doing this can help you determine which ingredients and timelines work for the perfect brew. For example, grains play a significant role in beer color, and you can lighten your beer by limiting the time you roast the grains and boil the beer. You can also darken beer by increasing roasting and boiling times.

Almost every ingredient you add can change the color of your beer. Knowing these factors as you produce the beverage holds numerous benefits, which is why an efficient color testing system is crucial.

Quantify Beer Colors Using Spectrophotometers

For accurate color consistency batch to batch, measure your beer color objectively. A spectrophotometer is the best way to quantify the color of beer, as it can identify colors as accurately as the human eye. Some spectrophotometers exceed this, as they can also identify slight shade differences and inconsistencies.

Identifying subtleties and inconsistencies becomes especially important when you're measuring the color of fruit beers or specially crafted beers like Irish red ale. An objective measuring method is one of the most essential best practices for determining the color of beer.

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