If you work in the clothing industry, you know the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest clothing trends. You want to produce garments in the most eye-catching colors of the season to attract consumers looking to stay in style with the most recent fashions and keep your company credible and relevant.

You can learn about the most current and fashionable summertime clothing colors to incorporate into your designs through our comprehensive guide.

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8 Colors Trends for Summer of 2021 Clothing

The key to wowing your target audience is staying in line with the summer’s hottest clothing color trends. This past summer of 2021, many sleek and striking colors became popular wardrobe staples. Implementing these breathtaking shades into your clothing articles can help you generate more sales, retain customers and establish yourself as an industry leader.
So what are the clothing industry color trends of the summer? You can’t go wrong with these eight summer colors for the clothing industry:

  1. Mellow yellow: This subdued hue projects a soft and sunny elegance that’s perfect for summer. Mellow yellow exudes hope and joy after a challenging year and makes any garment stand out with its friendly, unique shade.
  2. Sky blue: Nothing elevates an ensemble like sky blue. This gentle and elegant color, reminiscent of a cloudless day, adds an element of soft sophistication to any outfit.
  3. Bubblegum pink: There’s no denying bubblegum pink will make your clothing pop. With this bright and playful hue, your consumers can take on the rest of the year with confidence and charisma.
  4. Buttercream: This timeless neutral has made a comeback this summer, giving wearers a polished and classy look that’s sure to endure. A classic cream color with a rich yellow tint, buttercream has earned its rightful place as a clothing color trend of the summer.
  5. Magenta: Magenta is a striking and spectacular tone that draws attention to any garment. With so many distinguished shades, customers can go from day to night with playful pink colors to rich, royal hues.
  6. Cherry red: Cherry red conveys the drama and romance that trend-chasers are looking for to electrify their wardrobes.
  7. Tangerine: This vibrant orange color is fresh, eye-catching and unique, adding a splash of citrus to your summer clothing collection.
  8. Tennis ball green: With the yellowish-green tint of a tennis ball, this lush and leafy color will be in sporty style from summer to spring.
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