Though not as popular as your everyday granulated sugar or even brown sugar, powdered sugar makes baked goods, icings and other sweet treats exceptional. When someone reaches for a fresh powdered donut, their mouth waters as their fingers get covered in that beautiful white sugar. If it's not white, though, they may begin to wonder if there's something off about the product.

If you want your consumers to stay loyal to your brand, color consistency is of the utmost importance. Learn how HunterLab keeps our sugar manufacturers in business with our superior color measurement tools.

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Understand the Types of Sugar

Brown sugar, white sugar, confectioners' sugar — there are dozens of sugar options out there, and as a part of the sugar industry, you might deal with many types of it. Still, when people look on the shelves for their baking and everyday needs, they expect each variety you offer to have a specific appearance as a measure of quality control.

For measuring the color of powdered sugar, all you need to know is that powdered sugar comes from milled granulated white sugar, so it needs to be the same pure white color as its original form.

Measure Sugar Properly for Color Measurement

When you're ready to test the color of your powdered sugar, you should use the same methodology as you would for any other sugar — keep them separate from other sugars, use a controlled environment, and work with dry measuring tools for proper measurement sizing.

Though it may be easy from a visual standpoint to know when you're measuring white, brown, or powdered sugar, confectioners' sugar is another matter. Confectioners' sugar is also mixed with cornstarch, and though most consumers use them interchangeably, they will have slightly different color measurements due to the added ingredients. When you measure color samples for these two sugar types, take extra care to keep them separate to prevent inconsistencies in their colors.

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Find the Right Tools for Color Measurement at HunterLab

Once your powdered sugar has been milled down to the perfect size, make sure every batch is color tested to deliver the result that your consumers want. HunterLab has paved the way for sugar manufacturers everywhere to improve consistency and streamline testing efficiency. Contact our team today to learn more about our scientific process and get a quote on the right solution for measuring the color of powdered sugar.