The best way to measure the color of citrus juice, like orange juice, is by using a spectrophotometer, which will accurately handle the unique composition of the natural ingredients. Elements like common citrus juice color indices and color scales and 45°/0° measurement geometry in your testing system will help you adhere to industry standards.

Use the Right Technique to Measure Citrus Liquids

When measuring a citrus juice like orange juice, you'll be testing an opaque liquid. The opacity or transparency of your beverage will determine which mode you'll use for measuring. Opaque juices should be measured in reflectance spectrophotometric mode, while translucent drinks can be measured in reflectance or transmittance spectrophotometric mode.

Measure Your Liquid Samples With a Contactless Method

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To uphold health and safety standards and protect your measuring device, measure your juice with a contactless instrument like a spectrophotometer that uses a test tube. The tube is fitted on top of the spectrophotometer, allowing the machine to test the beverage without coming into contact with it.

Measure Your Citrus Juice Objectively

In the past, orange juice manufacturers used to test their juices subjectively using the naked eye. Such tests resulted in inaccurate results due to eye fatigue. To mitigate this in today's times, manufacturers measure their citrus juice objectively. Use technology that can test color as accurately as the human eye yet is more precise in determining subtle differences in color inconsistencies.

Note What the Data Is Telling You

It's essential to be aware of the resulting data. Color consistency in a natural beverage like citrus juice must be maintained. If colors differ, your pulp may be too thick, or you may need to alter the citric acid levels for color preservation. If you develop an A-grade product, you can increase its price and benefit your bottom line. Your data is an essential indicator of how you mix your juice and what you can do differently to improve the quality of your product.

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Partner With HunterLab to Reliably Measure the Color of Your Citrus Juice

The color of citrus juice can vary due to the nature of the product. Getting consistent, vivid and natural colors is important to appeal to your customers. We at HunterLab have been providing color-measuring equipment for over 70 years, bringing reliable, accurate results to companies like yours. Our ColorFlex EZ-Citrus solution is widely used in color measurement tests for beverages.

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